Horse Training for all disciplines

Training spots are full at this time. 

Sonya Steiner has had years of experience in breaking young horses, and working with problem horses. At Horse Sense our team of staff can start young horses with gentle breaking techniques, with focus on groundwork and manners so that your horse will be safe and enjoyable to ride or drive. Positive reinforcement training makes horses  happy willing partners. We also do refreshers, and work with problem horses of ALL breeds and disciplines. Sonya has worked with almost every breed, from ponies to drafts. The cost includes board and lessons with your horse.  Our  method encourages and allows horses to enjoy working, and yields faster results. We recognize that every horse is different. Every horse progresses in their training at different paces and will run into different obstacles along the way.  Every trainer uses different training techniques based on their experience with horses, so we urge you to give us a call and ask us about ours. We'd like to see you get involved in the training program to observe the difference in your horse as time goes on.


$1000/month: mares and geldings

$1150/month: stallions

*Minimum three months for starting a horse under saddle