Therapeutic Riding for Disabled Riders & Volunteering

Anybody can learn how to interact and communicate with animals, regardless of any mental/physical disabilities. The program promotes challenge, achievement, and empowerment for children and adults, through close work with horses.
New Session starts February 18th 2017 8 weeks Saturday classes 10 am to 3 pm

Riders must be registered by calling 780-470-0414 by February 1st

please bring your fill out forms with you for first class, do not e-mail
$ 352 + GST

About Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic horseback riding has been used to help people with many disabilities. This activity is said to benefit the communication, motor skills, and social skills of disabled children and adults. It also causes improvement in responses to verbal and external stimuli and relaxation.  Riding a horse helps with concentration as equine assisted activities work as a reward system. When a rider with poor communication skills wants the horse to walk they have to use a verbal or physical command to move the horse forward, giving them incentive to give that command. Also, they will begin to build a bond with the horse and with the handlers of that horse. Although the horses are led during lessons they learn to pull the reins to move the horse to one direction or another. Activities in addition to learning basic riding skills may include reaching down to grab an object, finding something in the arena, playing games or just giving the handler a high-five. Physical benefits manifest in better posture, balance and strength as a horses walk mimics the pelvic movement of a human walking. Trotting brings a smile to riders and quickly becomes a favorite speed.

Disabilities suitable for our horse therapy include:

ADD/ADHD, stroke, cognitive deficits, autism, amputations, cerebral palsy, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, emotional problems, hearing/speech/visual impairments, orthopedic conditions, and more

* Riders must be 6 years of age or older. Adults welcome under 180 lbs

Therapeutic Riding Registration Form   /   Stable Rules


 Be prepared to do lots of walking, get your steps in!
Volunteers are needed to help catch and tack up horses, and to help with lessons. You are the people that make this program possible! Volunteers will either lead the horses in the activities, or walk beside the horse and offer support to riders, as some riders cannot hold themselves up properly, or keep their feet in the stirrups. It's a fun experience for everybody. Often therapeutic riding lessons are the highlight of a child's week.

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