Riding Lessons

Next sessions starts April 2017 for ages 6 and up call to register 780-470-0414

Ask about our new Pony Play Days riding and learning with monthly memberships for  Sundays at 10 am for ages 3-7, great introduction to riding, parent participates with child.

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Private and Semi-Private lessons only for Horse Sense clientele that are boarding or leasing a horse.

Please do NOT fax or email your forms for riding lessons, please bring them the day of your lessons. Register by calling 780-470-0414 with credit card payment.

At Horse Sense we take pride in our riding program; we offer quiet and gentle lesson horses to build and enhance a rider's skills. Lessons are taught by knowledgeable and qualified instructors with competition experience in a safe and friendly environment. All riders are required to wear a properly fitted ASTM certified riding helmets AT ALL TIMES when on a horse. 

Riding lessons are available for beginners - experienced riders. For private/semi-private lessons, riders must be in lesson horse lease program, or own their own horse. 

We aim to help riders develop a more complete understanding of horsemanship. This goes beyond what they learn in the saddle, and helps them grow in all areas of life. The simple task of grooming and tacking up a horse, and untacking & cleaning up after their own horse gives riders responsibilities and builds their work ethic - as well as adds to the enjoyment of riding lessons, as you have time to bond with the horse. 

Our riding lessons are fun and challenging, with the aim of keeping both rider and their mount's engaged and learning. In these lessons, riders will participate in riding bareback, learning to drive a horse/donkey cart, cattle penning, fun games, cross poles, proper handling of a horse on the ground, trail rides, and theory. The lessons cover horsemanship, care and needs of the horse, understanding horse behavior, and reading a horse's body language. 

These skills aid a rider to go on to own their own horse as a knowledgeable and responsible owner, OR to go on to show competitively with their own horse (or a leased lesson horse). 

Riding Lesson Registration Form    /    Stable Rules

Group Sessions of 10 hours over 5 weeks (2 hour lessons) 

Beginners, Advanced Beginner, and Adult Groups. 

Cost: $440 + GST


Thursdays 5 - 7pm. Offered for riders who are completely new to riding, or still need work on the basics. No previous experience necessary. Riders are taught to groom and tack up, and are all trotting on the first day. All riders canter by the end of the session, and ride out on trails. 2 hour lesson includes grooming, tacking up, and untacking

Advanced Beginner:

Fridays 5 - 7pm. Riders who can comfortably walk, trot, and starting to canter are best suited for this class. Riders must know what the correct diagonal is when trotting, the 5 basic riding aids, and have cantered or loped. This rider will be comfortable with grooming and tacking up. 2 hour lesson includes grooming, tacking up, and untacking


Wednesdays 6 - 8pm. This is a class that is for all adult riders. Two hour lessons cover grooming and tacking up horses, all riders are trotting on the first day, and lessons are catered to the rider’s levels of experience. No previous experience necessary. 


Group Sessions of 5 hours over 5 weeks (1 hour lessons)

Intermediates, Western, Hunter-Jumper, Dressage

Cost: $240 + GST


Tuesdays 6 - 7 pm. Offered for riders that have completed advanced beginner class. Intermediates catch, groom, and tack up their own horses. Must be ready in the ring BY 6pm. Riders must be able to walk, trot, and canter comfortably. Riders are required to know the right diagonal at the trot, how to pick up a canter lead, the 5 basic riding aids, and display competence in their riding abilities. Lessons are shorter because they are more challenging and quicker paced than beginner/advanced beginner lessons. 

Intro to Western Riding:

Tuesdays 7 - 8pm. Offered for riders that have displayed their riding ability at a walk, trot, and canter. Western lessons cover a variety of topics that include neck reining, roll-backs, barrel racing, pole bending, keyhole, western pleasure and equitation, and more. 


Thursdays 7 - 8pm. Offered only to riders that can jump 2 feet comfortably and display the ability to comfortably walk, trot, and canter. Riders should be able to canter a 2 foot jump course. Every week riders do different exercises including grids, skinny jumps, water, jumping up/down slopes, courses, and more. Riders must be in the ring by 7pm. 


                                     Intro to Dressage:

Fridays 7 - 8pm. Offered to riders that can comfortably walk, trot, and canter and understand the correct diagonal at a trot and how to pick up the correct canter lead. Riders are taught how to bend their horse the correct way and work on lateral movements - leg yield, side pass, turn on the forehand/haunches - as well as lead changes - simple and flying - and complete simple dressage tests. Perfect for riders that want to explore the world of dressage, solidify their riding skills, or learn how to better use their body to direct the horse. Riders must be in the ring by 7pm.

Riding Lessons are great for your health: mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Working with horses helps riders learn to control their own emotions, and build self esteem and confidence through working with a large animal. Lessons that involve trotting and cantering are great cardio exercises, as they stimulate the circulatory and respiratory systems. The rising trot also works the abs, lower back, quads, and calves, all the while having fun riding!! While you are riding, repeated movements, or patterned movements used to control the horse sharpen reflexes as well. Even at a walk, your muscles relax and contract to maintain balance, therefore strengthening your core muscles.

Horses are great mirrors and every animal has a different personality, presenting challenges to each rider. We believe in pushing boundaries and expanding our comfort zones - you will carry these skills with you for the rest of your life! Overcoming fear and anxiety, perseverance, problem solving, patience, responsibility, decisiveness, and building trust and confidence are some examples of skills you will develop!

Beginner (Age 6+), Advanced Beginner, and Adult - $440.00 + GST (2 hour lessons)
Intermediates, Dressage, Hunter Jumper, and Western - $220 + GST (1 hour lessons)
Private Lessons - $65.00 per hour
Semi-Private - $55.00 per hour

*Private and semi-private lessons for clients boarding or leasing a horse