Watch for Clinics and Camps offered at new location in BC

Children participate in many fun activities including driving the donkey cart, riding horses and ponies, learning about the other petting zoo animals. Horse theory will also be covered in camps including parts of the horse, hoof care, and more.

Lots of riding and hands on learning!



Fearless Riding Clinic

One of our most popular clinics! Whether it's your horse experiencing it, or you, fear keeps us from enjoying horses as much as we should be. Haul-in for the clinic or use one of our lesson horses. Horse psychology will be covered, and booklets provided allowing participants to take notes about their progress. Handle our young horses and watch how they react to different stimulus. Ride your horse through a scary obstacle course - you'll be surprised with what you achieve! Learn how your posture and breathing affect your horse's confidence. 


Introduction to Driving: Singles and Pairs

Hands on learning, safety, harness, hitching up, drive a single horse and pairs - all inside a heated facility. Horses and vehicles provided! Lots of information and take home materials.